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Favorite Series
Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 15
Because of zuluey's comment, I have to say something. Cece is A, but she didn't dress as a boy and is really a girl... She was a boy when she was born but she is a transgender so that's why she is dressing up as a girl. She is Alison's and Jason's brother (now sister and it's Jason not Jake)
Sherlock Season 2 Episode 1
This episode is the BESSSSSSTTTT, I hope the woman reappears
Is there more to season 4, because I want more.... And I am only at season 1
Okay, people, I know that Monica is the most unappreciated character, but she is amazing, truly, she is the best , and even if she is a control freak sometimes it doesn't matter, because that's not a bad thing, so at least come up with better reasons to hate her, like if a character was sexist or racist, because these are real society problems... I have written before a huge text about how to love all of the characters , but in some way, it has erased itself ( :-( ). Just please stop hating Moni
Once Upon a Time
I love this show so much, one of the best
best show in the whole world
American Horror Story
Every season is so so amazing , I love this show so so much
American Horror Story
Pretty Little Liars
This show is really cool, but I think they should've done something better like I was disappointed with Cece being A or Mss. DIlaurentis having a twin. I wish they would have made something better...