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Favorite Series

American Horror Story
such an awesome horror show. I'm glad I started watching it . I kept on seeing trailers of it .. when I did I was so hooked. it didn't take me long to watch all seasons. evan peters was great in the season 5 . as was Lady Gaga. tomorrow season 6 starts!!!!!! I read a bit about it on Wikipedia but still it should be interesting... and guys watch the trailer if you haven't already on youtube.
Gilmore Girls
i have all the seasons on dvd..very good show. good actors... they picked the mother and daughter actors well.
Pretty Little Liars
also id give it a 10
Pretty Little Liars
honestly, one of my favorite shows ( and there are many i havent watched)! i dont care how old i'm i love this show.... YES ok at one point in season 6 it kinda was starting to get a bit... boring sorry for my honesty but then it went back to being awesome. so far i love season 7. im not suprised that it's a hit.
regardless of what people say ( like i say often reviews are purely subjective) and it shouldnt affect or influence what others think... i really like this show... i think it has suspense in every single episode. i dont know the other show this show is supposedly exactly alike so i guess im lucky. id give it an 8.
Dead of Summer
at the beginning -the first 5 episodes i was not really sure if i was going to be into it but right after the 6th episode i was intrigued. unfortunately id give it a 7 or 6 rating though.
Recovery Road
it's a really good show. they shouldnt have cancelled it.