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Favorite Series
Imagine if James Bond was American, childish, had offensive humor and still withheld the core brilliance. That's Archer, sort of. Add in a brilliant mix of colourful characters each with their own filthy humor and quirk and all together it is a comedy spy action series with an aquired taste in humor. It wont fit all, but it sure fits me. The series changes setting and basic premise between seasons but the writing and acting and comedy is ever present.
Modern Family
With great use of comedic timing, long running "inside" jokes and a modern diverse cast of great actors Modern Family is a thoroughly enjoyable comedy series about a large and complex family in their everyday life and struggle. No character is shallow or one sided but feel human and relatable. Some episodes feel a bit gimmicky and cliche' but they are few and far between. All in al a great easily accessible show
Rick and Morty
This is an absolute fantastic and brutal animated space adventure that feels like the true replacement for Futurama. It is quite special so dont expect to like it right away. But if youäre a fan of Futurama, Bojack Horseman, Bobs Burgers or Archer you will probably find enjoyment in Rick and Morty! Rubalubadubdub
Adam Ruins Everything
Comedic and factual show with great production value and interesting not well known information about every day things and traditions. I highly recommend it